Sunday, 27 March 2011

Just Moving on

I have been working on some other things recently and will be posting these from now on as I have now completed the OCA CDA1 course - At last!  I am now just waiting to get the final report from my tutor and decide then whether or not to go for assessment. 

This is a bit of pure abstract digital art I have been having fun with.  I hope to be taking this a bit further and produce a painting or print based on this abstract image.


  1. Congrats on finishing Claudine, great perseverance there. This abstract is looking interesting, will be interested to follow how it unfolds. Perhaps it could work in several ways -- ? Digital, painting and/or print? Is that feasible? This digital version has a charm of its own.

  2. Thanks for your continued support Mary, It has been a bit of a struggle at times but I have enjoyed it in a rather masochistic way. I think I'll miss the OCA but maybe I'll do something else with them later on.
    I'll post how I get on with this piece as it progresses but I've quite a lot going on at the moment, with other courses and gardening pursuits, so it may be a bit slow.