Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Assessment Result

I received the result of my formal assessment recently.  A little disappointed that I only received a 2:2.  I thought my essay was worth more than that. My professional artist (i.e those who have masters degrees in fine art) friends have been somewhat more encouraging.  Anyway, onward and upward.  I think my days with the OCA may be over as I am unsure if a distance learning degree in art is exactly what I want, but I haven't made up my mind finally.  I am continuing with my art course at the local college where the tuition is excellent and on hand for critiques when they are required!  It is also lovely to have fellow students available who are ready to encourage too.  I know not everyone is lucky enough to have a good college within easy travelling distance and the time to attend.  I am indeed fortunate!

I will probably continue this blog adding my current work, which includes painting, etching, ceramics and jewellery making as well as digital art.