Sunday, 19 July 2009

Drawing at Kew Gardens Workshop

Morning 10 minute sketches

After arriving at Kew Gardens an area of interest was chosen to make some quick sketches as a "warm-up" exercise. These are two examples of the four sketches I did in this time with photographs of the scenes.

Mid Morning 20 minute sketches

We were asked to do some longer sketches, the first of which was done in roughly the same area as the first quick sketches. We then moved on to the rock garden to do a further short study. Examples of the longer studies and the accompanying photographs are shown below.

Afternoon 1 hour 30 minute drawing

After lunch we returned to the rockery area and chose somewhere for a longer study of an hour and a half. This ended up being about an hour and fifteen by the time I had selected my subject. Below you can see the drawing and the corresponding photograph.

All the photographs were taken after the drawings were made in order to record the "real" image and as a reference. I used an pencils and graphite sticks in an A3 sketchbook for all the drawings. I took digital photographs of the scenes at Kew and of the sketches in my sketchbook with a Lumix DMC-TZ2 and used Photoshop Elements to mount the drawings and the corresponding photographs together using the expand canvas feature.