Saturday, 21 August 2010

Project 17

Original image
Tracing with brush
Tracing refined and colour changed
Simple gradient
Simple gradient
Simple gradient
Texture layer
I have had a wonderful time with this project.  It involved tracing over an image, with the obvious selection problems; what to include or exclude, the colour, thickness, texture and so on.  All of which can be changed.  the instructions in the project suggest using lower opacity to begin with.  I can't say that I did this nor could see the logic behind it.  However, I did use the technique in a second layer to create shading with larger brushes and different opacity.  Transparency of layers allows you to alter the amount of visibility of the under layers and I allowed some of the background original image to show through in some versions thus adding some detail in the shawl.This series shows the gradual building up of the image and further manipulation that has been applied.  Clearly the possibilities are endless. As an aside,I now have a graphics tablet and pen which makes the whole process of "drawing" so much simpler than with the mouse; however, I still get cramp and that is very disappointing!  But I still love it.
Simple gradient

Combination of tracing, texture layer, simple gradient with
background layer just visible.
Tracing, shading, texture, simple gradient
Tracing refined and colour changed, shading, texture and
   combination of two simple gradients 
Grey scale showing the density levels of the texture layers
and the drawn elements

Posterized and inverted

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