Friday, 6 February 2009

Log v Blog

I have now had a response from my tutor who has said that I need not include critiques of others' work as this is only for the purpose of group tutorials. I clearly do not have to submit this to him at this time; however, if I would eventually wish put CDA1 towards a degree would my course work be sufficient? I don't know.

I do keep a paper log as well as this blog and hope that if I do need this aspect of the work, my log will be helpful, as I will be looking at others work and commenting on it there. All I would worry about then is, if it has not been assessed throughout my course, I would not have had the feedback necessary during the course, if it is then found to be lacking.

I am fairly academic as I am a scientist by profession and am used to criticising and being criticised, so I am may be in a slightly better place than others would. However, this is not my area of expertise and I may fall flat on my face!

Not quite sure what to do about this situation.


  1. Hi Claudine. Until a few months ago logbooks were required only for assessment. Now we're being asked to send logbook pages to tutors with the assignments, particularly the self-critiques. However, if you're thinking of a degree it would be wise to include critiques of others work all the way along in your logbook -- these don't need to be fancy, a few images and accompanying notes will do, but it's a good idea to do it, especially if the course book suggests it, whether or not it goes to your tutor. Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks Mary, As always, most helpful. C

  3. Hi! I think you can pretty much do as you feel is right for this situation! I have entered into the OCA courses after being used to the excellent support and information given by the Open University (Bsc hons with them and loved it all!) I have tried to discuss this confusing almost muddy grey area of what we should be doing with logs and blogs and so on and still am none the wiser being told in short to "use my initiative" (LOL!!)!! so that is what I am doing! If you email the curriculm director of the OCA I expect you might be told something along those lines! I have an email saying a blog learning log on its own will be accepted if you wish to enter for accreditation! I have saved this and will see in time what happens! No idea of my tutor looks at it - no feedback so how do I know!!

    Thanks for your blog - good luck with your course work. Hope you enjoy it all!


  4. Dear Chris, Glad to hear form you, I know that you have the determination and ability to carry on, as do I. Coming from the sciences and having taught many people, I know that I have had a more hands on approach, giving my students regular tutorials and feedback, but being careful not to spoon feed them either. When I was at university 40 years ago I had a rather hands off tutor; however, once I graduated and got a job at one of the most prestigious labs in the country he called on me for some assistance. You can imagine my response. What goes around comes around! Claudine