Sunday, 11 January 2009

Project 6

Just picked up after the Christmas break. Not much of a break for me as I was working almost throughout the whole two week period; lovely on the tube as nearly no one else was travelling in. Still life with fruit seemed to be what was required of this project. Can't say that I found it all that inspiring and somewhat repetitious of the first module. I want to move on to the next project quickly so am not going to spend too much time here. I played around a bit with brightness, contrast and resolution with one of the still life pictures.


  1. Thanks for the follow - the elongated hand is fun !

    Look forward to seeing the project develop.


  2. Thanks for sharing! I am struggling with my drawing course again and so have taken a break to see what is going on around OCA! Some fantastic work by others - sadly not by me for now! Chris

  3. Hi Chris, Sorry you are struggling. Sometimes it is good to sit back and see what others are doing so that you get back to doing your own work with new inspiration. I wish you well. Claudine