Saturday, 29 November 2008

Assignment 1 continued

I really lost heart after scanning the last lot of 2D and 3D items, I don't think they have inspired me to "combine" them into a final image.

I had a rather silly interaction with the course tutor and I felt I had really lost the plot. This sort of underlines my feeling about the course in general. It is put forward as a module equivalent to college however, being a graduate, I feel this has nothing to do with what my previous experience of university was; admittedly 40 years ago but, I work in an academic establishment and I don't think this has any points of resemblance to what I understand as a college experience. This is much more like my further qualification but even then there was some interaction at the academic level with fellow students and others. Why am I feeling so Bolshie? Maybe it is because I am a student again! Bolshie is good?!

I have started on a completely new tack. I think this is much more exciting but am not sure if it fulfills the brief. It does include some 2D and 3D stuff so it may do. Anyway I am now in a selection process to determine which of the images will be submitted and which will be the final image.

The process involves sandwiching acetates, objects and lenses; this gives rise to refraction and rainbows occur. This is quite a difficult effect to control successfully, but it visually pleasing

Inspiration for this could be Storm Thorgerson's Pink Floyd album covers? Anyway I could be submitting these. My problem is that it is really difficult to keep the dust off the acetates as there is so much static created on the scanner, so they are not quite as "clean" as I would have liked.

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  1. Hi! I am doing the "new drawing course" and can empathise to some extent with some difficulties in communicating with some staff etc err despite being a graduate and having been in a professional job too! Anyway that aside it looks like you are getting there with your work and hope to see lots more in the future. don't give in - we all have low times with this studying lark! Chris